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Product description

The brackets allow to attach the system i.e. to light stands. The backgrounds are expanded and contracted with a special secured strap. The strap is protected from accidental falldown and equipped with a tensioning weight. The screws on the left tighten the sleeve and prevent unwanted expanding of the backgrounds.


The system consists of two separate parts so it can support backgrounds of any length. It takes very little room - does not contain stands and the backgrounds are wrapped around the sleeves while unused.


Backgrounds sampler below:



This set in regard for dimmensions, can not be send abroad! The exception is Ireland and Norway.

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2,7 x 5 m background + background support kit FreePower
Product code: WSTZ-FP-ZAW27X5
Availability: Out of stock / Warranty: 2 years

Set contains:

  • Two brackets compatible with virtually any stand
  • Expanding and contracting system with chain and weight
  • Polypropylene Background 1,6x5m
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