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Studio flash lamp Quadralite Move X 400

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  • Flash power: 400 Ws
  • Flash energy control: 1/1 - 1/32
  • Flash recycle time: 0.3 ~ 1.5 s

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Quadralite Move X is a small, compact and light – but above all – easy to use and reliable. This strobe offers every beginner an easy way to learn studio photography and it's basic techniques without high expenses. However Move X will be an efficient tool in hands of professionals. Thanks to compact housing it’s easy to carry around and hassle-free in storage. Integrated Navigator X wireless system make’s it even more useful both in studio or on-location.


Move X stands out for it’s wide power output adjustment range of 5 f-stops (1/1 – 1/32) adjustable in 1/10th-stop which is quite unique in this price range. Beside this high level of precision, Move X is also rather fast and can recycle in less than 1,7s even when maximum power output is used. It can also reach very short flash duration of 1/2000s @1/32 of power (t=0.1). Color temperature shift between each flash at given power output level should not be larger than ±200K.


Move X strobes are equipped with built-in Navigator X wireless system receiver. This feature allows full wireless control and triggering up to 100m. Move X can be controlled by other flashes (for example: Stroboss 60 or Stroboss 36 speedlites), or by Navigator X and X2 radio controllers up to cameras x-sync speed in manual mode (TTL is not supporter). Move X is also equipped with USB port where Navigator Kit receivers can be attached and flash can be used in the same setup with older Quantuum and Quadralite flashes. There is also sync port with 3,5mm Jack socket for third party triggers.


Quadralite Move X is exceptionally light (approx. 2kg depending on version) and packed into a small housing made of aluminum alloy. Stand bracket is also made of metal providing up/down shift adjustment and can hold quite large light modifiers (softboxes up to 120cm in diameter).


Main features:

  • Available in three power variants: 200, 300 and 400Ws
  • Flexible and accurate flash power adjustment within the range of 5 f-stops (5EV) in 50 steps (1/1 – 1/32) every 0.1 EV
  • Short flash duration of 1/2000s (t0.5, at 1/32 of power)
  • Colour temperature consistency through the entire output range (5600K±200K)
  • Short recycling times (1.5s at full power)
  • Integrated Quadralite Navigator X receiver for wireless control and triggering1
  • Optical slave triggering and standard sync socket (Jack 6.3mm) for flash synchronization
  • Automatic power reduction while decreasing flash output
  • 150W halogen modeling light can be used in a proportional or manual mode
  • Active cooling (integrated fan)
  • Compatible with the Bowens type mount light modifiers
  • Light and compact housing


  • Model: Move X 400
  • Flash power: 400 Ws
  • Guide number (ISO 100): 65
  • Flash energy control: 1/1 - 1/32
  • Flash recycle time: 0.3 ~ 1.5 s
  • Flash duration (t=0,5 s): 1/2000- 1/800s
  • Color temperature: 5600 ± 200K
  • Modeling light: 150W E27 Halogen Bulb
  • Flash sync: slave cell, TEST button, jack 3.5mm, built in radio trigger (Quadralite Navigator X)
  • Power supply: AC 220V~240V 50Hz
  • Weight: 2,1 kg 
  • Dimensions: 34 x 21,9 x 11,4 cm
Guide number65
Power400 Ws
Power adjusting1/1~1/32
Flash duration time1/2000s~1/800s
Recharge time0,3-1,5s
Colour temperature5600K +/-200K
Modelling lamp150W
Modelling lamp modemanualne/proporcjonalne/OFF
Charge indicatorDźwiękowy i wizualny
TAK / Navigator X
TAK/ sterowanie mocą błysku, światłem modelującym
TAK / 3,5mm
Wentylator oraz radiator
TAK / możliwość podłączenia odbiornika Navigator X
AC 220 V – 240 V ~ 50 Hz
Dimmensions34 x 21,9 x 11,4 cm
Weight2,1 kg

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