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Three pieces reporter kit umbrella + bracket + light stand FreePower

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Producer: Freepower

Statyw 220 cm
Parasolka biała (dyfuzyjna) 100 cm
Uchwyt przegubowy

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Three pieces reporter kit
umbrella + bracket + light stand


This kit helps to use a camera flashgun as a master or slave lighting unit.

Here are some examples:

  1. You have a camera and a system flash which communicate wirelessly. You can mount the flash in the kit and use it on the photographed subject.
  2. You have a lamp with a PC socket. You can mount it to the kit and connect to a camera with a sync cord.
  3. You have a lamp without a PC socket. You can buy a photo cell and an infrared hot shoe trigger. Then You can release the lamp (or lamps) in the kit.

Of course there are much more ways of using the kit. It depends only on your creativity.


The set contains:

  1. a 225cm maximum height light stand
  2. an umbrella 100cm diameter white
  3. a universal flashgun bracket

The light stand has a sectional column. The legs are blocked with a wing screw. On the top there is a universal mount for different kinds of lightning.

  • capacity - about 2,5 kg
  • max height - about 220 cm
  • min length - about 70 cm
  • weight - about 1 kg

The white umbrella is made of special fabric which diffuses light very well. It works just like clouds in the sky! Compare photos taken in the direct sunlight to these taken when it was cloudy. Direct sunlight causes extreme contrasts and harsh shadows so the faces look grotesque. Clouds diffuse and soften the sunlight so the details are more visible and the picture looks better. The umbrella has a similar role to the clouds - it diffuses and softens the strong light of a flashgun.

A universal flashgun bracket

It is used to mount the accessories (an umbrella, a flashgun) on the light stand.

A flashgun can be put on the shoe. There is also an umbrella holder. All the accessories are held with screws which are large and easy to operate.

CapacityUdźwig: 2,5 kg

Choose matching accessories and pay once for shipping!

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