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Product description

Yongnuo YN360 II is a new, improved version of a handy LED lamp designed to create creative, colorful lighting and light painting.


The light panel of the YN360 II lamp consists of 320 high-performance LEDs, 160 of which emit light with a color temperature of 3200 K and 160 with a temperature of 5500 K. The lamp offers the functionality of changing the light intensity emitted by individual groups of diodes. This makes it possible to smoothly adjust the bar temperature of the light in the range from 3200 K to 5500 K. The light generated is soft and enveloping, and its natural, eye-pleasing color is evidenced by the CRI value exceeding 95.


YN360 II is also equipped with 40 SMD LEDs emitting light in the colors of the RGB palette. Strong and vivid primary colors - red, green, blue can be mixed in any proportions to obtain a huge variety of intermediate shades.


The lamp is operated using 4 function buttons and a knob. The changes made can be read on a clear display located above the button panel. The built-in Bluetooth module allows remote control using a mobile application available for smartphones. The application allows you to simultaneously control many lamps assigned to eight groups.


YN360 II is equipped with a long-lasting built-in 5200 mAh battery, but it can also be powered by an external 12 V / 2 A power supply. Two power supply methods make the lamp an ideal device for working both in the studio and outdoors. The light and compact design allows for hand-held work, and the 1/4" female tripod mount enables installation on a tripod.


The set includes a power adapter and a durable case with a shoulder holder.

Technical data
Power19W / 8W
LED number40 diod RGB SMD LED

160 diod LED 3200K

160 diod LED 5500K
Colour temperature3200-5500K
Ra indexCRI >95
Light angle55° / 110°
Dimmensions56,7 x ⌀4,4cm
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LED Lamp
Yongnuo YN360II RGB 3200-5500K
Product code: WSOC-YN-360II / EAN: 6947110912400
Producer's code: YN1588
Availability: ready to send in 7-14 days / Warranty: 2 years

Yongnuo YN360S is a light, mobile lamp in the shape of an elongated panel designed to create creative lighting and light painting.


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