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Accessory type:ACadapterAdapterAdaptor SpigotArmAudio mixerBarn DoorsBatteryChanging tentCleaning KitCrossbarDiffuserFilterFlash Remote ControlFlash TubeFlashmeterGridHolderHot ShoeHot Shoe CoverMagnifierMemory CardMicophoneModeling lampmounting accessoriesQuick Release PlateRain CoverRechargeable BatteryReflectorSelfie stickSoftboxStand / SupportStrapSuspendersSynchro cordTubeWeightAccessory type:Beauty DishReflectorBackground ReflectorFiltersHoneycombSnootBarn DoorsBackground Type:TextureDigital printedBag kind:Foto equipmentStudio equipmentBag type:Shoulder BagHip BagHolsterBackpackPouchHolderMultifunctionalCaseTrolley BagBulb Type:E27 BulbFluorescentHalogenLEDRing flashContinuous lighting kit:With UmbrellaWith reflectorWith SoftboxWith Light TentWith Light TableDe-Shadow equipment:Light TentsPhoto TablesDiameter:37 mm49 mm52 mm55 mm58 mm62 mm67 mm72 mm77 mm82 mmOtherDiffuser type:Dome DiffuserOthersDisc Size:to 60 cmto 100 cmto 150 cmF:7.5 mm8 mm10 mm12 mm14 mm16 mm24 mm35 mm50 mm85 mm135 mm300 mm500 mm800 mm650-1300 mmFeatures:ManualMULTISony ADITTLi-TTLE-TTLE-TTL2HSS / Auto FPFilter type:UVPolarizingGreyIRLens ProtectFitting:BowensDelicacyMR 9,5 cmSun 400FixedReporterFlash output:to 50Wsto 100Wsto 200Wsto 300Wsto 400Wsto 500Wsto 600Wsto 800Wsto 900Wsto 1000Wsto 1200Wsto 1500WsFlashlight kit:without modificatorsWith UmbrellaWith SoftboxWith Photo TableCamera FlashFor Camera:CanonAndroidSmartphonesContaxiOSFujiFujiFilmGoProiPod, iPhoneKodakLeicaMetzNikonNissinOlympusPanasonicPentaxRicohSamsungSamyangSigmaSonySony MinoltaSony Multi-InterfaceSony NexSunpakTamronYongNuoOtherUniversalGrid:IncludedGuide Number (GN):10-20 GN (ISO 100)20-29 GN (ISO100)30-39 GN (ISO100)40-49 GN (ISO100)50-60 GN (ISO100)Head type:Ball Head3DVideoSpecialHSS / AutoFP:YesLamp series:32Ws Series45Ws FreePower68 Ws SeriesAurora CodisAurora DigisAurora FusionAurora GenesisAurora OrionCY FreePowerDiscovery SeriesDPIII SeriesDPL SeriesFreePower KHFreePower MRHD SeriesJinbei DelicacyJinbei DMJinbei DM NewJinbei MSNJinbei MSN IIIJinbei PilotJinbei SparkQuadralite Move XQuadralite Up!Sprite SeriesJinbei MSN TTLLED power:to 5 Wto 10 WOver 10 WLength:1 - 1.6 m1.6 - 1.8 m1.8 - 2 m> 2 mLight Reflector Kind:Collapsible DiscPanelLight Reflector Type:2in13w15in17in1DiffusionSurfaceMax Load:up to 0.5 kgfrom 0.51 to 1 kgFrom 1.01 to 2 kgfrom 2.01 to 3 kgfrom 3.01 to 4 kgfrom 4.01 to 5 kgfrom 5.01 to 10 kgfrom 10 to 20 kgfrom 20 to 50 kgMaximum high:15 - 30 cm30 - 100 cm1 - 1.55 m1.56 - 1.70 m1.71 - 2 m2 - 2.50 m2.50 - 3.50 m< 3.5 mMemory card type:SDHCSDXCMounting type:TripodWall / CeilingPower:to 100Wto 200Wto 300Wto 500Wto 1000Wto 2000Wmore than 2000WPower control:1/81/121/161/321/481/641/1281/1921/2561/512Power source:AC PoweredBattery PoweredPurpose:Camera flashStudio lightingRodzaj matrycy:Full FrameAPSC / DXMicro 4/3Softbox setup:Easy FoldedStandardSoftbox Shape:SquareRectangularOctagonalOtherSync type:JB-RCTR-611TR-612TR-A6TR-Q6TR-V6TRS-VTrigger type:InfraredWiredRadioTripod type:PhotoMonopodTableVideoC-StandJibSliderLight standUmbrella Type:TransparentWhiteSilverSferical ubrellaWeight:up to 0,5 kgfrom 0.51 to 1 kgfrom 1.01 to 2 kgfrom 2.01 to 3 kgfrom 3.01 to 4 kgfrom 4.01 to 5 kgfrom 5.01 to 10 kgmore than 10 kg

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Strobbist KitPHOEBUS 600 KITlight stand, holder, umbrellaStrobbist Kit PHOEBUS 600 KIT light stand, holder, umbrella

Strobist Kit with Phoebus 600 AX speedlight, light stand, lamp holder and diffusive umbrella.

Price: 229,16 €205,54 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Studio Flash LampJinbei DPE II 400Easy Cap functionStudio Flash Lamp Jinbei DPE II 400 Easy Cap function

Studio flash lamp 400Ws, GN 66. Power adjusting range 1/1 - 1/32. Easy Cap. Built in TR-V6, TR-Q6, TRS-V receiver.

Price: 232,88 €209,59 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Studio flash lampJinbei DM5 500WsStudio flash lamp Jinbei DM5 500Ws

Studio flash lamp 500Ws, GN72. Flash output adjusting range 1/1 - 1/64.

Price: 242,81 €218,53 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Synchro cableFreePower PC - Mini Jack30cmSynchro cable FreePower PC - Mini Jack 30cm

The synchro cable PC - Mini Jack, length: 30cm.

Price: 3,04 €2,89 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Reflector for speedlightsFreePower FD174 surfacesReflector for speedlights FreePower FD17 4 surfaces

Universal speedlight reflector. 4 colour surfaces: silver, golden, white, diffusive.

Price:10,63 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

2in1 Collapsible Reflector 110cm FreePower2in1 Collapsible Reflector 110cm FreePower

Price:12,19 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Board reflectorFreePower 2in1 OUTLET120x180cm BasicBoard reflector FreePower 2in1 OUTLET 120x180cm Basic

Surfaces: white, silver.

Price: 28,69 €16,54 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Softbox - deflectorFreepower SREP40OSoftbox - deflector Freepower SREP40O

Softbox - deflector 40cm for speed lights. Increases light emitting surface.

Price:17,19 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Board reflectorFreePower 5w1 60x90cm BasicBoard reflector FreePower 5w1 60x90cm Basic

Board reflector 60x90cm 5in1. Colours: diffusive, white, silver, golden, wave.

Price:18,44 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Dodatkowy odbiornik doQuadralite Navigatordo lamp QuadraliteDodatkowy odbiornik do Quadralite Navigator do lamp Quadralite

Dodatkowy odbiornik dla systemu Navigator do lamp Quadralite.

Price: 21,60 €20,52 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Board reflectorFreePower 5in1 60cmBoard reflector FreePower 5in1 60cm

Triangular reflector board 60cm. Colours: golden, silver, white, black, diffusive.

Price:21,56 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Board reflectorFreePower 5w1 110cm Basicwith handlesBoard reflector FreePower 5w1 110cm Basic with handles

Board reflector 110cm 5in1. Colours: diffusive, white, silver, golden, black.

Price:21,56 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Photographic CaseFreePower Discovery OUTLETwith trolley systemPhotographic Case FreePower Discovery OUTLET with trolley system

Large photographic case with adjustable holder. External dimensions: 70 x 40 x 31 cm

Price: 33,41 €22,35 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Board reflectorFreePower 5 in 1 90x120cm BasicBoard reflector FreePower 5 in 1 90x120cm Basic

Surfaces: diffusive, silver, golden, black, white.

Price:23,75 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Board reflectorFreePower 5w1 92x122cm BasicwaveBoard reflector FreePower 5w1 92x122cm Basic wave

Surfaces: diffusive, silver, golden, white, wave.

Price:24,06 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days
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