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Accessory type:ACAdapteradapterAdaptor SpigotArmBarn DoorsBatteryBubble LevelChanging tentChargerCleaning KitCrossbarDiffuserEaselFilterFlash Railing SystemFlash Remote ControlFlash TubeFlash Tube Coverfluorescent tube Gorilla ClipGray PanelGridHandleHolderHot ShoeHot Shoe CoverLight BulbMicophoneModeling lampMount adaptermounting accessoriesPhoto CutterPhotocellPilotPosing Acc.Quick Release PlateRain CoverRechargeable BatteryReflectorSelfie stickSoftboxStand / SupportStrapStudio FanSynchro cordŚrubaTubeWeightWeightWeightsAccessory type:Beauty DishReflectorFiltersHoneycombSnootBarn DoorsDiffusserBackground Support:ElectricManualBackground Type:PolypropylenePaperProClothTextureMuslinDigital printedIllusionAcrylicBag kind:Foto equipmentStudio equipmentBag type:Shoulder BagBackpackPouchHolderInsertMultifunctionalCaseTrolley BagBulb Type:E27 BulbFluorescentHalogenLEDRing flashContinuous lighting kit:With UmbrellaWith reflectorWith SoftboxWith Light TentWith Light TableDe-Shadow equipment:Light TentsPhoto TablesDiameter:46 mm37 mm49 mm52 mm55 mm58 mm62 mm67 mm72 mm77 mm82 mm86 mmOtherDiffuser type:Dome DiffuserPOP-UPLightsphereWhale TailOthersDisc Size:to 60 cmto 100 cmto 150 cmFeatures:ManualFilter type:UVPolarizingGreyIREffectCokin typestarClose-up LensFitting:ELFOBowensDelicacyMR 9,5 cmUniversal 10.5-16 cmFresnelRD LampSun 400FixedReporterFlash output:to 50Wsto 100Wsto 200Wsto 300Wsto 400Wsto 500Wsto 600Wsto 700Wsto 800Wsto 1000WsFlashlight kit:with reflectorwithout modificatorsWith UmbrellaWith SoftboxWith Light TentWith Photo TableCamera FlashFor Camera:CanonSmartphonesContaxFujiGoProiPod, iPhoneKodakLeicaM72MetzNikonNissinOlympusPanasonicPentaxRicohSamsungSamyangSigmaSonySony MinoltaSony NexSunpakYongNuoOtherUniversalGrid:IncludedOptionalGuide Number (GN):10-20 GN (ISO 100)20-29 GN (ISO100)30-39 GN (ISO100)Head type:Ball Head3DVideoSpecialLamp series:32Ws Series45Ws FreePower68 Ws SeriesAurora CodisAurora DigisAurora FusionAurora GenesisCY FreePowerDiscovery SeriesDPIII SeriesFreePower KHFreePower MRJinbei DelicacyJinbei DM NewJinbei MSNJinbei MSN IIIJinbei SparkQQ SeriesSeria nFlashSprite SeriesLED power:to 5 Wto 10 WOver 10 WLength:1 - 1.6 m1.6 - 1.8 m1.8 - 2 m> 2 mLight Reflector Kind:Collapsible DiscPanelLight Reflector Type:2in15in17in1DiffusionSurfaceMax Load:up to 0.5 kgfrom 0.51 to 1 kgFrom 1.01 to 2 kgfrom 2.01 to 3 kgfrom 3.01 to 4 kgfrom 4.01 to 5 kgfrom 5.01 to 10 kgfrom 10 to 20 kgfrom 20 to 50 kgMaximum high:1 - 15 cm15 - 30 cm30 - 100 cm1 - 1.55 m1.56 - 1.70 m1.71 - 2 m2 - 2.50 m2.50 - 3.50 m< 3.5 mMounting type:TripodWall / CeilingPower:to 100Wto 200Wto 300Wto 500Wto 1000Wto 2000Wmore than 2000WPower control:1/81/161/321/128Power source:AC PoweredBattery PoweredPurpose:Camera flashStudio lightingShape:RectangleSoftbox setup:Easy FoldedStandardSoftbox Shape:SquareRectangularStripOctagonalOtherSync type:TR-611TR-612TR-A6TR-Q6TR-V6TRS-VTrigger type:InfraredWiredRadioTripod type:PhotoMonopodTableVideoBoom standC-StandJibSliderTripod trolleyLight standMono standUmbrella Type:TransparentWhiteSilverGoldSoftbox type umbrellaWeight:up to 0,5 kgfrom 0.51 to 1 kgfrom 1.01 to 2 kgfrom 2.01 to 3 kgfrom 3.01 to 4 kgfrom 4.01 to 5 kgfrom 5.01 to 10 kgmore than 10 kg

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Background cardboardFreePower 1,35 x 10mBackground cardboard FreePower 1,35 x 10m

Background cardboard FreePower 1.35 x 10 m, available in 6 colors

Price:27,81 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Paper BackgroundFreePower 1,35 x 5mPaper Background FreePower 1,35 x 5m

Paper Background 1,35 x 5m available in the most popular colors. Wound on a cardboard tube.

Price:16,00 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Paper background Freepower 2,72 x 10m FreePowerPaper background Freepower 2,72 x 10m FreePower

Price:60,00 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Paper background Freepower 2,72 x 5m 3 colours to choose FreePowerPaper background Freepower 2,72 x 5m 3 colours to choose FreePower

Price:35,00 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Paper photo background sheet FreePowerPaper photo background sheet FreePower

Price:2,19 €Goods in stock, ready to send in 7-14 days

Set of 7 gradient cardboard backgrounds FreePowerSet of 7 gradient cardboard backgrounds FreePower

Price:75,00 €

Goods temporarily unavailable

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